Video Wedding Invitation #04

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  • Format: Full HD
  • Durasi: 30 – 60 detik
  • Backsound dapat disesuaikan
  • Jumlah maksimal 8 foto slide.

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5 Review
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5 ulasan untuk Video Wedding Invitation #04

  1. customer

    I say World’s best teas so as not to limit the excellence of Vahdam teas to a single leaf. I know there might be some argument about this statement by some but if so, they surely haven’t tried Vahdam teas. It is and will always be my go-to purchase as I like to indulge myself with the freshest and best.

  2. customer

    I was expecting a higher quality.

  3. admin (pemilik terverifikasi)

    I don\’t know if there is something wrong with this bag of tea in particular. The taste is bad. I tried 1 regular cup and was instantly nauseated. I tried another very diluted cup and I was still sick. I am returning the tea.

  4. customer

    Firm yet soft, perfect support. Smelled like chemical death when it first arrived but after a few weeks it has no smell. Cured my backpain and I can fold it into a sofa against the wall during the day!

  5. admin (pemilik terverifikasi)

    good product, just what we wanted

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